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Get to know your local growers:

  • Nightowl Farm/Errorhead Groves
    West Melbourne, FL
    Phone: 321-549-0644
    We are a family owned citrus grove and blueberry patch operation. Citrus is larger-scale than the blueberries so it is not direct marketed. We may have some tasty tangerines for sale in the fall. Drop us a line to inquire about what is available and when. The blueberries are Southern Highbush central Florida varieties: Gulfcoast, Sharpblue, Windsor, Emerald, and Jewel. The season for our berries is April and May. We will sell by pre-order and appointment pick-up and directly at local farmers markets. At this time we do not do a U-Pick but may in the future. Please email your interest along with your name and phone number,if you want. We will gladly add you to contact list for Nightowl events such as U-Pick and other farm events such as tours or harvest dinners. We use and promote earth-friendly, locally grown systems and hope you will too!

  • Naturewise Plant Nursery
    New Retail Nursery opening November 10th, 2007!
    2295 Adamson Road
    Cocoa, FL
    Phone: 321-536-1410
    Naturewise is a Florida native plant nursery that offers a comprehensive suite of environmentally-friendly plants, products and services. We are located in Cocoa, FL near I-95 and SR 524; visit our website for more information. Our goal is to help residents create their very own sustainable "Florida Friendly" landscapes, by offering a diverse selection of quality native plants, educational programs, and consulting services. In addition to our locally grown native plants, we offer hard-to-find heirloom vegetable plants and herbs, and a unique line of organic gardening and landscape products.

  • Maple Street Natives
    7619 Henry Ave.
    W. Melbourne, FL. 32904
    Phone: 321-729-6857
    We grow sustainable Florida Native plants which include some fruiting trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants this group will enjoy. We were established in 1987 and have strived on growing quality native plants from local seed sources. We offer Landscaping and Consultation. Check our seasonal update page for current items such as rain-barrels and organic fertilizers that we now carry at the new retail outlet which opened last January and connects to our original site.

  • Mandy Sunshine
    Cocoa Beach, FL
    Hola, my name is Mandy Sunshine and I am most interested in growing fruits and veggies, for family and market, from my coastal home in Cocoa Beach. I am currently focused on learning and implementing biointensive practices that reduce off-site inputs, maximize production on little land, and tackle coast-specific growing issues (i.e., salt, drought, too much sand). My passions most definitely include locally and ecologically responsible food production and enjoyment. Although many here believe that growing alongside the sea is nearly impossible, I remain dedicated to encouraging food production in my beachside community.

  • Funky Chicken Farms
    West Melbourne, FL
    Phone: 321-505-4227
    Funky Chicken Farm in Melbourne sells all manner of poultry from babies to adults and in stock now are chicks, ducklings, goslings, guinea chicks, turkey chicks, brown egg laying chicks, and Americana green egg laying chicks. Now is a good time to purchase to get them ready to lay in February. Inventory is always in a state of change so call Andrew for availability.

  • Four Hands Farm LLC
    Farm Stand opening November 10th, 2007!
    2295 Adamson Road
    Cocoa, FL
    Phone: 321-806-0979
    The Mission of Four Hands Farm is to provide the Brevard County community with a choice of local, sustainably-produced fruits and vegetables. Our farm utilizes environmentally responsible agricultural practices as a means of respecting and preserving the unique ecology of Central Florida, providing un-compromised food for residents, and cultivating a sense of community.

  • Floravista, Inc.
    Merritt Island, FL
    Phone: 321-427-6649
    Floravista expedites permitting and maximizes development profits through smart conservation designs integrating scientific analyses. Site-specific botanical, ecological, and wildlife analyses provide data necessary to design development around significant landscape and ecological features to be preserved, enhanced, or created. Floravistaís goal is to conserve and enhance the natural ecological processes of sites within the context of the surrounding ecosystem. The company envisions environmental responsibility on each site will cumulatively preserve our rich natural and biological heritage.

  • Country Eight Farm
    Farm Stand opening November 10th, 2007!
    2295 Adamson Road
    Cocoa, FL 32926
    Dave Butler of Country Eight Farm raises pork and pastured turkeys. He also has a small goat dairy herd and produces fresh goats milk and cheese. Vegetables and eggs are available in season as well.

    Goat Cheese Fundraiser going on now!
    Country Eight Farm is raising funds to expand their new diary goat herd. We are offering free, locally-produced goat cheese with your donation to the farm. Choose from the following:

    -Make a $4 donation and receive a 1 pound container of Ricotta Cheese made from Country Eight Farmís goat milk. This cheese is wonderful in lasagna or manicotti or mixed with a little sugar for use in crepes or cannolis - mmm!

    -Make a $5 donation and receive a free 4 oz. log of French-Style Chevre (soft) goat cheese. This is made from Country Eight Farmís goat milk. The goats are raised on browse and grain and are milked twice a day. The milk is pasteurized and the cheese is made using vegetable rennet. It is a soft, mildly-flavored, creamy cheese similar in texture to cream cheese. Mixed with herbs or served with fruit it is just delicious!

    -Make a $6 donation and receive two 4 oz. wheels of fresh goat-cheese mozzarella. Also made from Country Eightís pasteurized goat milk, this is a firm mozzarella with a superb flavor. It is made from animal rennet so vegetarians may want to go with the chevre. Perfect served with tomato slices and garnished with a little olive oil and basil!

  • Adkins Family Farm
    2055 Valkaria Road
    Valkaria, FL 32950
    Phone: 321-984-11359
    We raise cows, goats, turkeys, chickens & sometimes guineas but have none now. Sell eggs, poultry and beef. We are a Family Farm so that means we aren't into big production.

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